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UVII (Universal Video Instructional Interface) is closing the gap between public and private sector communication by enabling corporate brands to connect with college students and smart city residents with a feedback platform that captures user generated content in exchange for marketplace rewards. UVII partners with educational institutions and city governments to enable students and residents to receive marketplace rewards in return for their video testimonials about businesses.

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customer feedback and testimonials

Empower Your Brand with INSINC Video Feedback

INSINC redefines customer engagement by enabling dynamic interactions through video feedback, text, polls, and multiple-choice questions. This versatility ensures your audience can choose their preferred way of communication, making their feedback experience both engaging and personal. Our platform's customization capabilities allow you to align the look and feel of surveys with your brand identity, including color schemes, logos, and tailored calls to action. Additionally, the introduction of branded introductory videos helps create a more profound, personal connection with your audience.

Beyond just collecting feedback, INSINC serves as a crucial tool for product reviews, event marketing, and direct customer feedback, capturing authentic testimonials and insights. These features empower your brand to make informed decisions, elevate your marketing strategies, and enhance the overall customer experience.

What We Offer

event feedback

Event Feedback

Enable better networking opportunities and community engagement. Enhance credibility by encouraging video feedback.

audience testimonials

Audience Testimonials

Gather valuable insights for data-driven improvements and messaging. Recognize & Reward Contributions for most active participants.

brand marketing

Brand Marketing

Create and share original, user-generated content for increased social engagement.

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customer feedback and testimonials
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We are building an ecosystem to bridge the gap between public and private sector communication by partnering with colleges, city government, and corporate brands to connect with students and smart city residents through sponsored surveys that capture user-generated content in exchange for marketplace rewards.